Do you feel it?

Something has shifted in the world. Things are happening.

Do you fear it?

Sometimes I look at small children and realize that they are growing up in a world completely different from the one I did. I think about the things I learned and how I learned them, and the circumstances surrounding these lessons. I think about values I believe are fundamental and wonder how I am going to communicate what’s important to me, to my children. How do I make them understand?

I feel fear. I think that’s normal.

But when I do I also remember that I can trust. There isn’t much one can really do about change when it happens, but trust. Trust that you will know what to do, how to roll with whatever comes your way, and that God will be there to catch you. He will be there to protect your family. That by watching you live your life, your successes and your failures, your children will learn how to live theirs. Trust that you have what it takes to equip them for their own journeys. Trust triumphs over fear every time.


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