What trusting yourself means…

FullSizeRender It happens sometimes that you’re faced with a choice, a decision that completely floors you; when you can honestly say that you have no idea what you’re supposed to do. The pros and cons have equal value and the tipping point is an unknown factor. People tell you to trust your gut, to trust in your self, your instincts to tell you what the right choice is is. What does that mean? There is always a voice, isn’t there? The nagging feeling. Have you ever wondered what that is? The voice that always feels right, even if it makes no sense. The Holy Spirit voice. Sometimes you seize the moment and follow what the nagging voice tells you, sometimes you go another way. And then things turn out the way they do and you ask yourself why you made that decision… You ask yourself why you didn’t have the presence of mind to follow your “gut” when the situation called for it. I’ve been there. And I’ve realized that, like most things, obedience takes practice. You need practice listening, and practice acting on it.

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