The Mystery of Faith

My son is attending catechism now and so I’ve been going to Mass again after many years without.

Formal Italian can be quite tedious to listen to and so if I’m not reading along, I find it hard to follow the mass. Happily I discovered that the years of catholic school have made it so that I pretty much have the mass memorized, albeit in English. That makes me happy for some reason.

Every Sunday we proclaim the mystery of our faith, that Christ died, is risen and will come again. This weekend, we commemorate and celebrate this. No matter how distancing the foreign language is, I am always moved by the recounting of the Passion. Every time I hear it, it is the first time and I wonder, am I capable of imparting this to my children in such a way that it will resound in them as well?

In a sea of Christians and Catholics, sometimes it still feels like Christ is far away, that we don’t seem to remember what it was that he actually did. We know and yet we don’t know.

It may have started on a weekend all those years ago but it never ended. After he died for us, we became free but we must relearn what this means everyday. What were we freed from and what are we free to do?

The knowledge, the internalization of the passion is a blessing and spurs us to live our lives as though Christ were blessing us everyday. When we internalize the passion, Jesus will never feel far away.

Happy Resurrection day.


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