In one’s life, nothing is as simple and at the same time as difficult, as dealing with family. As children, we learn to build the basics; our parents instill in us the simplest and yet most important of truths: we love each other and we are there for our parents, brothers, sisters, children.


Love conquers all. Love is good.

We grow up. Life gets bigger.

We have our hormones, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, our environment, our education, our careers, our goals, our beliefs, our teams, our politics, and our relationships. Successes and failures, highs and lows, happiness and heartbreak. Husbands and wives, children, extended families… life happens.

We get shaped, molded, colored… Sometimes things just get weird. People get weird on this journey. That is the nature of people.


Things change and after a time we ask ourselves how we got from there to here. We lose ourselves, we find ourselves. It takes a while for some, but it’s our spirit that keeps us rooted to the most important truth that our hearts never forget even when we do.

Love. I have love, and so I have faith.

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