This year, as we celebrate the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection, I also think and reflect on the cross. I think on our journey that began in the garden of Eden, where we were challenged and defeated, that led us to the battle that was waged on the cross. I think on this battle we didn’t even know about, that Jesus fought and won for us, as he gave his life. He won us back everything that was promised when God created us in the beginning.


I make an effort to remind myself everyday that this battle has already been won. That each challenge I face, each seemingly impossible obstacle has already been overcome. That was the Promise. When I succeed in remembering and bringing to light this victory, I bring glory to Jesus’ sacrifice.



4 thoughts on “Meditations

    1. Hi! Thank you. The anthropomorphic symbolism of the gospel of John is Jesus as the Eagle, the son of God who soars above all. In the story of st. George who defeated the dragon, or the serpent, which is like the classical representation of evil in the Bible. So the eagle in this case is to emphasize the saving nature of Jesus.


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