Reflections on a Sunday 

I’ve noticed that as I reach certain points in my life, the questions I ask myself evolve from a singular point.   Twenty years ago it might have been, “what do I want to do with my life?” Five years ago, maybe “hmm, but what do I really want? What am I willing to do to get it?”

And then all of a sudden it becomes, “How did I get here?”

“Is this what I wanted?”

You see photos of yourself as a child, in your teens, twenties… And it’s almost a shock how much time has passed.

Are you where you’ve always pictured yourself? Probably not… or maybe so but not quite?

Did you follow your dreams? Did you figure out what your dreams were?

Sometimes the journey can be complicated. Most of the time the difficulties are of our own making. I’ve found that since I’ve trusted my path to be the one guided by Jesus, I’ve been happier. Maybe I don’t feel quite in control,  but I feel peace.

On top of all the goals we set for ourselves, we forget that the ultimate success is to have peace in our heart. In our gut. That’s from where the health and well-being stems, from being at peace. If you trust that where you are is where you’ve let yourself be guided to by God, then there’s no other place you should be, is there? So quit tearing yourself up over that and just have a little smile about it. Let the certainty settle in. Because it’s still there. That’s what separates our adult selves from our child selves. The certainty and faith that all is well.

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