The Four Faces of Jesus as depicted in the Four Gospels

I’m not going to lie. It’s not easy to understand the bible. You have to want to read it, want to understand, want to know that it’s not just a story but God’s way of revealing his Son to you. To me. Once you have that, the desire to decipher the message, the hunger to know what, where, why, who… then slowly things fall into place. Not even necessarily while reading the bible. Snippets of enlightenment weave their way into your everyday life. And then you realize Jesus is reaching out to you, and He can save you if you let Him.

In the gospels, Matthew depicts Jesus as the Lion of Judah. What does that mean? Plainly, Jesus is King. King of Kings, Lord of Lords.


In Mark, Jesus is depicted as Servant. He came to serve us. Undeserving us.


In Luke, Jesus is the Son of Man. Jesus is fully man. Born of a human being. He gave his life, his body of flesh and blood to save us.


In John, Jesus is God. Many believe that Jesus was only the son of God, that he was not God. John tells us that He was fully Man and Fully God.


He came to the world as a human born, that one day he would die for us, that we might be redeemed from sin.

It isn’t always easy to understand.

But what I take with me is that this man who was God came to be born so that he could be a sacrifice for my sin. He suffered for what I did, what I  might do still… That I might be saved from myself. This Jesus, who is, impossibly, in Me. In everyone who receives Him as their Lord and Saviour. That He has a voice that speaks to guide us in our ways if we open ourselves to hear.

Who is Jesus to you?

3 thoughts on “The Four Faces of Jesus as depicted in the Four Gospels

  1. I just shared this same symbols in a study last night but I also combined the four living creatures in Ezekiel`s vison in Chapter 1 and also in the Revelation 6. I also, tlked about the standards of the 12 Tribes of Israel which the four leading tribes displayed in the camps. The four leading tribes were Judah, Rueben, Ephraim and Dan. Number 10.14 (Judah), Numbers 10.18 Reuben, Number 10.22 (Ephraim) and Numbers 10.25 (Dan). Although Numbers 10 does not tell what these standards are I do think that information is in the Bible somewhere. I found the information in a Jewish publication? – Juday` standard was a lion, Rueben a man or man`s head, Ephraim`s standard an Ox, and Dan`s standard an eagle. These are the same as the four living creatures and the symbolism of the four gospels. The number 4 in Bible Propercy mean total or complete. For example the four winds of heaven which indicates the whole world.


  2. Thank you for your comment. I really like reading the Bible daily, like taking daily vitamins 😀 . I will go over the verses you mentioned again. Let’s see what the Holy Spirit reveals. He’s always giving me more revelation. 😀 I have started to read the book of revelation again today . I just realized that it is the only book in the Bible that immediately promises a blessing to those who read it.


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